Once upon a time it was a stormy, cold and bitter yet sunny, warm and nice Thursday evening. The clock read exactly 12:25 am when two lonesome hearts finally left the prison for the Karlsruhe main station. After they did their painful way through the wildest jungles of the inner-city there was barely time to visit an old friend - Ronald McDonald.

Ronald usually was a nice guy and so with no surprise but the problem about him had always been the shire amount of his friends. As usually he was very busy. But of course the two protagonists made their way through the masses and finally came to see Ronald again. Afterwards the they made a quick tour through the station's book store and bought a magazine before the train should leave Karlsruhe for sure. It was 13:30 when the train left but in the and it was a very new experience to learn how just loooooooooooooooooooooong two hours and a half can be.

One guy - who prefers to remain anonymous - cites his feelings upon arrival in Frankfurt: „When we approached the city and the silhouette finally could be seen my eyes immediately started to hurt quite a big deal because of that plain ugly appearance. It might be that we arrived at the city from the wrong direction but believe me what we saw could never be described as pretty in any way."

To make a long story short the end was pretty obvious. There has been a nice guided tour through a museum, the weather was good, too and people were very friendly. At 7:13 pm the train left, two and half hours were as long as before and if they didn't die it's assumed they reached Karlsruhe again.


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