(des) Fairies be careful. Anonymous sources report about outbreaking quarrels between King Oberon and his wife Titania. It is said that a friend and servant of Titania died a tragic death after giving birth to a boy-child. Now Titania sees it as her duty to take care of the child and strictly refuses handing it out to her husband Oberon, who is now mad about his wife and complains about her spending way too much time with dammed Theseus. On the other hand, Titania raises the same accusations about Oberon and Hippolyta.

Recall Theseus: About 6000 b.c. He got dammed and was sent right to hell by the almighty, unbelievable and forever true Zeus himself of the Greek Olymp. Later on Heracles had to solve twelve tasks of which one was to free Theseus again.

Back to nowadays. As an unanticipated side-effect of the current uproars The Four Seasonstm [*] masked themselves and thus appear indistinguishable. Puck - yet another unemployed fairy - was sent by King Oberon to find the magic flower, the magic flower which spends a magic juice. As you might know, it is reported, tested and well-understood that the person who drinks from that very juice falls in love with the very first person she encounters. Of course Oberon wants to apply the juice to Titania in order to finally acquire the boy-child from her.

You see things are getting exciting now. So stay tuned.

[*] Ed.: Some 500 years in future the Four Seasonstm shall be licensed by Pizza-Hut and shall do advertising for the equally named Four Seasons Pizzatm.


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