Netscape 2.0 Text Colors
(from a Usenet post by Andy Ward)

In a previous post, some poor luser who shall remain anonymous wrote:

> Does anyone have a list of all the text colors that can be used with
> Netscape 2.0?

Yep, here is the definitive listing of _all_ 16777216 possible text
colors including their descriptions.

Hope this helps.

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To find the color you want, simply find the description that matches the
color you want and read off the 'RGB' value next to it. You'll find the
alphabetical listing after the numerical listing.

000000 Black. Jet Black. Absolutely, totally 100% Black.
000001 Really, really, really, incredibly black.
000002 Dark dark dark dark Black.
000003 Dark dark dark Black
000004 Dark dark Black.
000005 Dark Black.
000006 You guessed it. Black.
000007 Still very Black.
000008 Yep; no change.
000009 Yes ... Black.
00000A 'Trapped 1 mile deep in a coal mine without a light' Black.
00000B 'Total power failure in a submarine' Black.
00000C 'The middle of a Pharoah's crypt' Black.
00000D 'Wearing smoked glasses in the cinema' Black.
00000E 'Dark side of the moon' Black.
00000F 'Buried alive' Black.
000010 'Fallen in a vat of Ford "Model T" paint' Black.
000011 '100 lightyears out in space with Stevie Wonder's glasses on' Black.
000012 '13 miles down the Channel Tunnel and the lights go out' Black.
000013 Looks like there might be a hint of blue.
000014 But it's just your imagination.
000015 "You are in a maze of twisty passages. Your candle has gone out."
000016 'Ridley Scott movie with the brightness turned right down' Black.
000017 'Kodak's dark room when the little red light blows' Black.
000018 'What a mole would see during a total solar eclipse' Black.
000019 You know the final scene in "Silence of the Lambs"?
00001A I'm telling you, bats would love it.
00001B Pot-holeing hasn't got a patch on this.
00001C 'It's night and you're 6000 meters below the ocean surface' Black.
00001D Blacker than a witch's cat.
00001E 'SAS camouflage gear' Black.
00001F 'Reservoir Dogs suit' Black.
000020 Can you see the blue yet?
000021 Now, don't lie!
000022 You wouldn't quite call it 'ebony' yet.
000023 Nor 'inky.'
000024 'Pitch black' would probably cover it.
000025 'Jet black' sounds about right, too.
000026 But 'Dark' doesn't really do it justice.
000027 'Swarthy' is right out, as well.
000028 (it's a nice word though!)
000029 How about 'Funeral' Black?
00002A Or perhaps 'Sable' Black?
00002B (guess who's got a thesaurus out?)
00002C Anyway, only 16777172 more to go...



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