As a performing musician you probably have several folders full of lyrics, staff and other sheets which you usually carry along with your equipment. Ok, if you're a guitarist you probably carry your sheets along in your guitar case without a folder. Nevertheless it's a lot of paper and during a gig you might spend a lot of time when searching for some. Of course there are hardware devices which act as some sort of digital sheet folder but they all share three major disadvantages:

  1. They are quite expensive.
  2. The software they run is not free (as in freedom).
  3. They're lacking the features of a full-blown computer like displaying slide-shows or playing random music within breaks.

Thus you'd be better off using your own notebook on stage. Unfortunatly there's no easy to use software for the performing artist which contains some of the most needed features like easy displaying of lyrics etc. This is why I set out to create bedtracks.

This page acts as some kind of directory to organize the project documentation.



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